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Between 1976 and 1983 in Argentina the highest military and political State authorities committed a bloody crime against humanity.
More than thirty thousand women and men, dissident and alleged to be dissident, were killed by a murderous machine that, after unconceivable acts of violence, decided their disappearing by denying any fundamental right.
The mothers of Plaza de Mayo, the association set up by the mothers of the disappeared ones, the so-called desaparecidos, is still going on with its fight invoking justice.
Francesca Sassano lets the excrutiating tragedy of those women come out through a clear and historically reliable story as a novel widening the echos of sorrow, the questions of a large crowd, the indifference generated by terror, the incredulity of the rest of the world.
Not to forget, so that “silence never becomes a comfortable blindfold, nor an iron tip on the neck”.