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The audioguide tells the story, describes the architecture and reports interesting facts about the church.

In the city of Amendolara there are 7 Byzantine churches and another, also made in the same style, but in a later era. In the immediate vicinity of the city, there are caves that were once inhabited by hermits, which allow us to establish the tenth century as a period of settlement for the city. The church of Santa Maria is located in the historic center. It is a single nave church, a type of construction, dating to the 11th century.

It is most likely that it was built on the remains of an older Greek church, which in turn was built on the ruins of a pagan temple. The place on which the church stands is Amendolara’s oldest place of worship.

The visitor’s gaze inevitably falls on the largest element of the church, the large dome that towers over the entire building, occupying the back of the church.

The church building consists of two nuclei.

The first nucleus that of the façade, is directly linked to the octagonal plan, above which the massive cupola rises.

The church is characterized by details that recall the Byzantine style: on its brickwork, four windows open, extending across the perimeter around the drum; and there are dark tiles that resemble lace and create the impression of embroidery. The same tiles cover the other roof of the building. You can examine the 3D model of the church and observe its interior through the MuByz App.

The audioguide has been made by professionals in the field of history and art.